Negotiate Overcoming early job-insecurity in Europe

Negotiate at the innovative Youth Expo in Bulgaria

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by Greta Juul

Representatives of the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge participated in the Second Edition of the innovative Youth Expo.

The Expo was organized by the Angel Kanchev University of Ruse and supported by the Ministry of Education and the National Representation of the Student Councils in Bulgaria. The event was held on 12 May, 2017 in the Danube Capital – Ruse.

At this event, a total of 33 participants of universities, academic clubs and schools presented their innovative developments – from the exchange of good pedagogical practices, through drones and robots created in university laboratories, innovative approaches to art therapy, to drawings of microorganisms.

ISSK-BAS presented with its current research and projects related to youth – its social inclusion (project EXCEPT headed by Prof. Maria Zhelyazkova), the transition between education and employment and the overcoming of social inequalities in this transition (Project NEGOTIATE and Bulgarian-Swiss research project headed by Prof. Rumyana Stoilova), as well as its development through lifelong learning (ENLIVEN project headed by Prof. Pepka Boyadjieva).

The team from ISSK-BAS distributed information materials to all participants, concerning the projects (EXCEPT, NEGOTIATE and ENLIVEN). The projects posters attracted the attention of many visitors.

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