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Briefing paper 3: Need for good quality jobs

Young man at job interview. Photo: colourbox
by Agata Patecka

The third NEGOTIATE briefing paper "The need for good quality jobs - youth unemployment from a well-being perspective" presents research findings on the effects of unemployment on situation of youth.

Since the outbreak of an economic crisis, rates of unemployment went up having a direct impact on youth. Young people’s autonomy became heavily jeopardized as in many countries they are not entitled to benefits when unemployed. Youth with low level of education, with immigrant background,have some kind of disability, have experienced the divorce of their parents or live in jobless and poor households are much more likely to be unemployed. Experiencing periods of unemployment has an impact on future of employment and wages. Being exposed to a recession may have an impact on beliefs about life chances, and it makes people believe that succeeding in life depends more on luck than on effort.

One of the findings suggests to intensify efforts to reduce unemployment among young people. However, taking up “any kind of employment” is not favorable from the well-being perspective. Researchers stress the positive role of quality employment and decent jobs and negative role of job-deprived ares in relation to reducing youth unemployment.

Read the policy brief: “The need for good quality jobs – youth unemployment from a well-being perspective”

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